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by Suzanne Vallie

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{ a collection of recent work }


released October 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Suzanne Vallie

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Track Name: Freer Life
Driving to a Springsteen song
it's be a lie to my soul if I didn't sing along.

In the desert with the windows down,
the tears are barely out before their gone.

You seem to think I'm a fancy type
looking down on love from the high life.

Well, I've a dream or two
but the simple life will do.

I'll wait for you while I drive away.
I left as a favor. I'm friendly they all say.

If you'd unlocked your door
and I'd turned around,
I'd be kissing you by now.

One thought of you is a thousand sighs.
Your logic is clean as a butter knife.
…asking me for a freer life.
I would've been your wife.
Track Name: Everything in the World
I try to keep an honest life
outside of stealing your time.
Everything in the world and one more hour.

No time am I as thirsty
as when you offer a cup.
Everything in the world filled to the top.

On a hunch that I was brave
and feeling tough, I moved away.
Now if I try, anything can look familiar.

From here I can see
a love that's freely given.
Everything in the world in a picture.

Am I fine, well honestly friend
I could use the words of a lover.
Everything in the world and a whisper.
Track Name: Anna (My Only Treasure)
The meanness of the world falls behind
when I see her keep me in her eyes.

In her gaze, I'd do anything to stay.
Like the reckless birds that fly in May
I'd dare to do any trick or turn
I'd throw myself against the wind to earn
the love and the gaze of Anna.

My only treasure, my Anna
Track Name: Catfish
<< Catfish >>

The sunken leaves
make my roof.

Forever things seemed
as they should.

Then forced to flee by a careless foot,
I stumbled on the edge of the world.

Warm at the top
I'm not too shy to drag
and flop.

I'll sprout legs
and hop.

The sun's letter to me, "I need you
my darling."
I've joined you now.

Lit with the grass.
Not one alone.

See that green hill.
It's my new home.
Track Name: Rising
The trees along the road
race to grow over each other
they are rising, rising, rising, rising up

The rock under your wheels
will someday crown a mountain
it is rising, rising, rising, rising up

The back of the whale
must tear the ocean's cap
she is rising, rising, rising, rising up

Your foot set down
will lift to step again
it is rising, rising, rising, rising up

Doubling its strength
the owl flies off with a rabbit
he is rising, rising, rising, rising up

The moon give me a cue
to better dress in its light
it is rising, rising, rising, rising up

The bubbles from my mouth
lead me to leave the sandy bottoms
they are rising, rising, rising, rising up

And my heart believes
something will catch it when it jumps
I am rising, rising, rising, rising up
Track Name: Safe Harbor
You don't have to bother to choose.
All I've come to say is me too.

I don't need much if you can't oblige.
I'll wash in and out like the tide.

Top to toe what is it you see.
If you need more from me, I'll bring it.

I'm not a siren with a rocky shore.
Come closer. I'm a safe harbor.