Water Table

by Suzanne Vallie

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released July 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Suzanne Vallie


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Track Name: Keep Away
Ted Nugent I got your gun.
Keep away, Keep away
Ted Nugent I got your tight pants.
Keep away, Keep away

Running free, the moons the mark
Lighting bright, it splits the bark
Purple heavens spit and spark
Hunting skins in the park

Pussy cat I bought milk
Keep away, Keep away
Pussy cat loves white milk
Keep away, Keep away

Crying, dancing, jumping up
Fussy pussy had enough
Shut your face and hide your tongue
Don't ask for treats or you get none

Happy Dummy wants a night light
Keep away, Keep away
Happy Dummy wants some moonshine
Keep away, Keep away

Scary black giant night
If they jump you got the right
You got the right to shoot or fight
To butter up your army knife

Shiny Silky who wants a ride
Keep away, Keep away
Shiny Silky I drive a fine ride
Keep away, Keep away

It's like picking flowers off the ground
This car is magic, rocket sound
Its' got big room to move around
because there's a lot of big girls in this town
Track Name: Water Table
The water table is high
It's a bad spring to die.
Your ashes'll mix with the mud and the hogs' feet
or you'll float right out of your grave just like Bill did.

The water table is high.

It's hard to keep yourself from playing
out where the fish are dead in the field.
Stay near on the gravel road.
Don't loose your shoes in the gumbo.

Don't loose your shoes in the gumbo.

When Sweetheart's mom used to walk down Main St.
all the cars'd start bumping up on the curb.
She'd wear her cloths so tight.
Her red hair'd start'em fighting.

Her red hair made the minister's face pink.

Put a lot of butter on your plate.
You get your coffee (Am) weak that's how they make it.
You get all the cream and sugar you want.
Don't waste your summer money on a piece of pie.

It's just as sweet as a piece of pie.

You can smell the rabbits out in the ditch.
You can put red in the eyes of the bad neighbor kid.
Sneak into his backyard
and steal his christmas toys.

He don't use them.

The road is wet and dark honey brown.
Everyone else is talking to folks in town.
But you beat your dog to the mail box with your bare feet.
One hand on our hat and the other on a leash.

You're faster than your dog.

Keep the fire on me.
Keep my skin dry.
I don't want to feel that I'm sweating.
I don't want to feel the rain that got in my eyes.

Don't you kick sand in the fire.
Track Name: Keep You Home
Your rusting beard
kisses where it cares.

Junior scout handbook
and well combed hair,

Mr. strong body
you fit tight in that chair.

You got rules. You play fair.

Fry pan in the front,
coffee on rear.

You've a soup pot
that steams and tears.

I go it's dark,
I come it's dark
but your still here.

I worked all day
just to keep you home.

When I'm in bed with you
one side of me always stays warm.

Soon I'll step out from the car.
{ kitchen lights, yellow yard }

This drive is long, the heaters out
but we've to no neighbors peeking and shouting.

{ big flat and white and blue and black }
The tree are greeting me. They wave and clap.

And I'm driving with the only headlights
waiting to shine on you.

I worked all day
just to keep you home.
Track Name: Propane Tank
feels good, feels cold
sitting on top a propane tank
to cool off
to cool off

pink shorts, blue top
chewing a piece of grass till it's soft
you spit it out right in front of a boy
spit it out in front of a boy

one braid down your back
it's wound tight so it's still wet
you're looking good
your sitter got you looking good
lip gloss and a braid
you're looking good

hard feet, no shoes
take him on a walk into the woods
he don't know past the tracks you can swim
past the tracks is spot you can swim

footprints going in
the black mud around the rim
it's so quiet you can hear him breathing out
warm air coming out of his mouth

swim down by his legs
he moves the water above your head
has he noticed you've been growing all summer
has he noticed you've been growing all summer

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